Karthik S. Bhat

Hi! I am a fourth year Human-Centered Computing PhD student at Georgia Tech. I am advised by Prof. Neha Kumar in the Technology and Design towards "Empowerment" (TanDEm) Lab.

Broadly, my research interests are at the intersections of Health, HCI, and ICTD. I am interested in designing technologies that facilitate constructive, and socioculturally situated engagement with health data in resource-constrained and infrastructure-constrained contexts. My initial research in this space comprised a qualitative study of how patients with chronic illnesses engaged in health tracking, and the sociocultural dimensions that complicated this engagement. You can find the paper summarizing these findings, along with my other prior work, here.

I spent the Summer of 2021 as a Research Intern at Microsoft Research in Health Futures, working with the Medical Experiences and Design team and the Global Health Access team. Before I started my PhD, I spent two wonderful years as a Research Assistant at the United Nations University Institute for Computing and Society in Macau SAR, China working on various Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD) projects. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Surathkal, India. My research worldview draws from the plurality of experiences I have gained from having a technical CS undergraduate education, an interventionist ICTD research assistantship, and a Human-Centered Computing graduate education.

You can contact me at: ksbhat (at) gatech (dot) edu




You can view my CV here.